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The Story of 2

Special Diecast, a haven for diecast enthusiasts, is the brainchild of two fellow collectors who share an unwavering passion for these exquisite replicas.


Since its inception, Special Diecast has captivated a growing community of collectors with its ever-expanding collection of meticulously crafted diecast models. Our dedication to sourcing new and rare models from renowned brands like Hobby Master, Century Wings, JC Wings, Calibre Wings, Panzerkampf, Basekraft and many more has solidified our position as the go-to destination for discerning collectors worldwide.


Step into our virtual treasure trove and immerse yourself in a realm where every detail is meticulously captured, every paint stroke is a testament to artistry, and every model seamlessly blends form and function. Whether you're seeking the legendary F-22 Raptor or the awe-inspiring Abrams tank, our extensive inventory is sure to ignite your passion and expand your collection.


Beyond the captivating world of aviation and armored vehicles, Special Diecast also dioramas and parts that complements your diecast adventures. From scale figures and hangers to detailed pilot cabins. We have everything you need to enhance your diecast experience.


Join the Special Diecast family and embark on a journey of discovery where the passion for military aviation and armored vehicles intertwines with the pursuit of perfection. Explore our extensive collection, immerse yourself in the captivating world of diecast, and discover the true essence of military heritage.


Special Diecast: Your Diecast Heaven Awaits


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