Hobby Master HA1616 | Mirage 2000-5EG No.237, 332 Mira, Hellenic Air Force, 2018


Mirage 2000-5EG No.237, 332 Mira, Hellenic Air Force, 2018


Scale 1:72 / Diecast model 

The Mirage 2000-5 is the second generation of the Mirage 2000. The French Armée de l’Air was replacing the older version of the Mirage 2000 and the manufacturer had hoped to sell the newer version to them but they had already committed to the Rafale. The manufacturer needed a sale to the ADA to help promote export sales so as a stopgap measure until the Rafale was delivered the ADA upgraded 37 of their early Mirage 2000’s to Dash 5 standards. The Dash 5 had new RDY radar, a new APSI (Advanced Pilot-System Interface) cockpit, MICA missiles and the ICMS Mk. 2 (integrated countermeasures system). The Dash 5 is the first production fighter aircraft ever to be equipped with LCD displays. France, Greece, India, Qatar and Taiwan are equipped with the Dash 5 version of the Mirage 2000.


The Aircraft:

In 1985 the Greek government agreed to purchase 40 Mirage 2000s, 36 single-seat and 4 two-seat aircraft. These aircraft arrived in late 1988 and into 1989 and were allotted to the newly formed 331 “Theseus” and 332 “Geraki” (Hawk) Squadrons based at Tanagra AB. In 1999 new AM39 Exocet anti-ship missiles were added to the arsenal giving the Mirage an anti-ship role. In 2000 the HAF ordered 15 new Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2 aircraft (10 new single-seat 2000-5EG and 5 two-seat 2000-5BG) as well as upgrading 10 existing aircraft to 2000-5EG standards. (EG – Export Greece).


Specifications Mirage 2000-5
Country of Origin – France
Role – Multi-role fighter
Crew Ei version – 1
Number of Dash 5 aircraft produced – 174
Length – 48.06ft (14.65m)
Height – 17.06ft (5.20m)
Wing Span – 29.95ft (9.13m)
Wing Area – 441.32sq.ft (41sq.m) 
Empty – 16,535lb (7,500kg)
Take Off – 23,942lb (10,860kg)
Maximum Take Off – 37,479lb (17,000kg) 
Engine – 1 X SNECMA M53-P2 turbofan / Maximum thrust 21,400lb
Internal Fuel – 7,055lb (3,200kg)
Speed – Mach 2.2 high altitude / Mach 1.2 low altitude
Operational ceiling – 60,000ft (18,288m) 
2 X 30mm DEFA 554 cannon / 125 rounds each
6 or 8 X MICA AR (Active Radar) or IR (Infra Red) missiles
2 X Magic II missiles on outboard wing pylons