Hobby Master HA1065 | CF-104 Starfighter, 104733, 1 Canada Air Group, Canadian Armed Forces, West Germany, 1964

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CF-104 Starfighter, 104733, 1 Canada Air Group, Canadian Armed Forces, West Germany, 1964

Scale 1:72 / Diecast model 

General Background:

The RCAF received their first CF-104 in March 1962. Although originally designed as a supersonic interceptor the Canadian Air Force used it primarily for low level strike and reconnaissance. Over the 25 years of active service 110 aircraft were lost to accidents earning it nicknames like “Widow Maker” and “Lawn Dart”. The RCAF CF-104 probably had the most flying time of any variant with an average of 6,000 hours per plane over their life time compared to the Luftwaffe’s 3,000 hours.

The Aircraft:

Built as a CF-104 by Canadair with a s/n 12733 and given the RCAF serial 12733, it joined the Canadian Armed Force at Baden-Solingen Germany in a nuclear role. In 1971 the CF-104 became a ground attack aircraft. In 1986 the CF-104 was being replaced by the CF-18 Hornet so some aircraft were scrapped or placed in storage until they were sold to other countries. In 1986 CF-104 104733 was sent to Turkey where it became 62-733 and flew until 1996 when it was preserved at Askeri Muzesi, Harbiye, Istanbul.


Specifications for the CF-104
Manufacturer - Canadair
Designation - originally a super-sonic interceptor but adapted for low level strike and reconnaissance
Crew: 1 x pilot - “D” variant 2 crew
Wingspan - 21’ 11” Length - 54’ 9” Height - 13’ 6” Wing area - 196.1 sq. ft
1 x Orenda Engines J79-OEL-7, 10,000 lb. s.t. dry / 15,800 lb. s.t. with after burner
Maximum speed Dash – 1,550 mph (mach 2.35) @ 40,000’ 915 mph (mach 1.2) @ sea-level
Climb to 30,000’ – 1.5 minutes
Service ceiling - 50,000 ft (12,000 m) Range - 1,630 mi (1,420 nm, 2,630 km)
Empty - 13,909 lbs. Clean - 21,005 lbs. Maximum take-off - 28,891 lbs
External stores
5 hard points
1 x under the fuselage
1 x under each wing
1 x at each wing tip
External bombs and missiles such as:
Napalm bomb
Cluster bomb
BL755 cluster bomb
1 x 19 rocket rocket-pod
Mk. 82 bomb
MN1A practice bomb dispenser
1 x M61A1 Vulcan
1 x 20mm cannon added to later versions.