Hobby Master HG3005 | KV-1 Demiansk, March 1942, unknown unit

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KV-1 Demiansk, March 1942, unknown unit

Scale 1:72 / Diecast model 

Box is little damaged on the site, see photo's 

General Background KV-1 Tank

The KV-1 (M1941) early models came with a welded turret and eventually a cast turret with rounded corners. Both models came with 90mm thick hulls and extra 40mm plates bolted to the front and sides. This gave a total of up to 130mm front hull and the turret now was 92 - 110mm thick. All this extra armor increased the weight by 2 tons and ended up costing them speed and agility. The M1941 model now had more machine guns and a new main cannon.


Specifications :


Crew:5Length:6.75 m / 22.15 ftWidth:3.32 m / 10.9 ftHeight:2.71 m / 8.9 ftWeight:47 - 50 tonnesArmour:90 mm / 3.54 inMain Armament:76.2 mm (3 in) F-34 gun with 111 roundsSecondary Armament:3 x 7.62 mm DT Machine Guns with 3024 rounds. Located coaxial, bow, turret rearPowerplant:12-cylinder diesel model V-2 600 hpSuspension:Torsion barRoad Speed:35km/h / 21.75 mphPower – Weight Ration:13 hp/tonneRange:335 km / 208 mi