Hobby Master HA6014 | J-11B Multi-role Fighter 62078, PLAAF, Chelyabinsk "Peace Mission-2018"

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J-11B Multi-role Fighter 62078, PLAAF, Chelyabinsk "Peace Mission-2018"

Scale 1:72 / Diecast model 


General Background:

In 2002 China started work developing an improved variant of the J-11A. In 2004 China stopped production of the J-11A after 100 were produced. The J-11A used older Russian technology that was deemed unfit for China’s desire to make the J-11 series a multirole aircraft. The new J-11B would have improved radar, a glass cockpit, new engines and would be capable of carrying new modern weapons. The Chinese company Shenyang Aircraft Corporation J-11B aircraft was first set for a 2007 delivery but problems with the new China made WS-10A engines delayed delivery until 2009.


The Aircraft:

In 2018 Exercise Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) “Peace Mission 2018” was held at Chebarkul, Russia beginning on August 24, 2018. There were eight participating countries involved in varying degrees. The main members were Russia which sent 1,700 members followed by China with 700 and India sent 200 personnel. The purpose of this exercise is for members to train in counter terrorism operations and how to work other units. China also sent a mixed artillery battery, an artillery battery and detachment of PLAAF aircraft.


Specifications for the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation J-11 Flanker L
Original Variant Entered Service – 1998
J-11 - Chinese-assembled licensed copy of the Su-27SK
J-11B - Chinese variant of Su-27SK, with Chinese weapon, engine and avionics
J-11BS - two-seat fighter-trainer version of the J-11B
J-11BH – Naval version of the J-11B
J-11BSH – Naval version of the J-11BS
Production As Of 2017 J-11A/B/BS - 205 J-11BH – 72
J-11A/B/BH – 1 J-11BS/BSH – 2
J-11A/B/BH: 30,450 kg J-11BS/BSH: 33,000 kg
J-11A/B/BH Length - 21.90 meters Wingspan - 14.70 meters Height - 5.92 meters J-11BS/BSH Length - 21.90 meters Wingspan - 14.70 meters Height - 6.30 meters
J-11A – 2 X Lyulka AL-31F Turbofans, 75.22 kN Dry or 122.60 kN with afterburner (each)
J-11A Total Engine Power – 150.44kN (80.334 hp) dry or 245.20 (130,936 hp) with afterburner
J-11B/BH/BS/BSH - 2 x Woshan WS.10A Taihang turbofans, 89.17 kN dry or 132 kN with afterburner (each)
J-11B/BH/BS/BSH Total Engine Power - 178.34 kN ( 95,233 hp) dry or 264 kN (140,976 hp) with afterburner
Maximum Speed – Mach 2.35 (2,878 km/h) Rate Of Climb – 18,300 meters/min
Service Ceiling – 19,000 meters
Range – 3,530 km
J-11A - 1 x 30mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 gun and 10 hardpoints
J-11B/BH/BS/BSH - 1 x 30mm gun with 150 rounds and 10 hardpoints with a capacity of 4,400 kg Bombs 250 kg Laser guided bombs 250 kg low drag general purpose – cluster bombs
Unguided Rockets - 90mm rocket pods Air-Air-Missiles
J-11A Variant - PL.8 – PL.9 – PL.12 – AA.10 "Alamo" – AA.11 "Archer" – AA.12 "Adder" J-11B/BH/BS/BSH Variants - PL.8 – PL.9 – PL.12
Cruise Missiles J-11B/BH/BS/BSH - YJ-83K anti ship cruise m