Hobby Master HA6016 | J-11BG Fighters PLA Navy, South China Sea, 2022

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J-11BG Fighters PLA Navy, South China Sea, 2022

Scale 1:72 / Diecast model 

General Background:

In 2002 China started work developing an improved variant of the J-11A. In 2004 China stopped production of the J-11A after 100 were produced. The J-11A used older Russian technology that was deemed unfit for China’s desire to make the J-11 series a multirole aircraft. The new J-11B would have improved radar, a glass cockpit, new engines and would be capable of carrying new modern weapons. The Chinese company Shenyang Aircraft Corporation J-11B aircraft was first set for a 2007 delivery but problems with the new China made WS-10A engines delayed delivery until 2009.

The Aircraft:

The greatly improved version of the Su-27, the J-11B entered service in 2000 with more composite materials, modern avionics, a better fire control system and new turbofan-10B engines. Most J-11B nose cones are black but the new J-11BG wears a grayish-white cone. It is thought that there is a new active phased array radar that can detect targets at a greater range and angle. The J-11BG can be armed with the Thunderbolt 10 and 15 missiles as well as PL-15 long-range Air To Air missiles.


Specifications for the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation J-11 Flanker L
Original Variant Entered Service – 1998
J-11 - Chinese-assembled licensed copy of the Su-27SK
J-11B - Chinese variant of Su-27SK, with Chinese weapon, engine and avionics
J-11BS - two-seat fighter-trainer version of the J-11B
J-11BH – Naval version of the J-11B
J-11BSH – Naval version of the J-11BS
Production As Of 2017 J-11A/B/BS - 205 J-11BH – 72
J-11A/B/BH – 1 J-11BS/BSH – 2
J-11A/B/BH: 30,450 kg J-11BS/BSH: 33,000 kg
Length - 21.90 meters
Wingspan - 14.70 meters
Height - 5.92 meters
Length - 21.90 meters
Wingspan - 14.70 meters
Height - 6.30 meters
J-11A – 2 X Lyulka AL-31F Turbofans, 75.22 kN Dry or 122.60 kN with afterburner (each)
J-11A Total Engine Power – 150.44kN (80.334 hp) dry or 245.20 (130,936 hp) with afterburner
J-11B/BH/BS/BSH - 2 x Woshan WS.10A Taihang turbofans, 89.17 kN dry or 132 kN with afterburner (each)
J-11B/BH/BS/BSH Total Engine Power - 178.34 kN ( 95,233 hp) dry or 264 kN (140,976 hp) with afterburner
Maximum Speed
Mach 2.35 (2,878 km/h)
Rate Of Climb – 18,300 meters/min
Service Ceiling – 19,000 meters
Range – 3,530 km
J-11A - 1 x 30mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 gun and 10 hardpoints
J-11B/BH/BS/BSH - 1 x 30mm gun with 150 rounds and 10 hardpoints with a capacity of 4,400 kg Bombs 250 kg Laser guided bombs 250 kg low drag general purpose – cluster bombs Unguided Rockets - 90mm rocket pods Air-Air-Missiles J-11A Variant - PL.8 – PL.9 – PL.12 – AA.10 "Alamo" – AA.11 "Archer" – AA.12 "Adder" J-11B/BH/BS/BSH Variants - PL.8 – PL.9 – PL.12 Cruise Missiles J-11B/BH/BS/BSH - YJ-83K anti ship cruise missile