Hobby Master HG7009 | JS-2 Russian Heavy Tank, WWII, 1945

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JS-2 Russian Heavy Tank, WWII, 1945


Scale 1:72 / Diecast model 

General Background:

The JS tanks were named after Joseph Stalin. The JS-2 had a 122mm D-25T main gun and 6 road wheels to improve soft ground track performance. In 1944 new specifications included new armour tempering, a 60-degree glacis replaced the 30-degree and the driver’s front hatch was removed. Also a relocated wider porthole, improved mantlet, increased lower hull side armor and a new periscope sight. The commander’s cupola moved to the left and a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun attached. In 1944 2,250 JS-2’s were produced and no further improvements were made until 1954.

The Tank:

During the Battle for Berlin that took place from April 16, 1945 until May 2, 1945 a large number of JS-2 (IS-2) heavy tanks were used to spearhead the assault. They were used to eliminate or flush out German forces by destroy entire buildings using their HE rounds. Most JS-2s were assigned to groups of 5 along with a company of infantry comprised of flame throwers and sappers. About sixty seven JS-2s were lost during the battle, most victims of “Faustniks (Panzerfausts)”.


Specifications IS-2
Crew: 4
Length (with gun): 10.74m (35.24 ft) Height: 2.93m (9.61 ft) Weight: 46,250 kg (101963.8 lb)
Engine: V-2 IS 12cyl. Diesel-engine/520hp Speed: 37km/h (22.99 mph) Range: 150km (93.2 mi) Armor: 20mm - 160mm (.79 in - 6.3 in)
1 X 122mm (4.8 in) M1943 D-25T L/43 gun 1 x 12.7mm (.5 in) M1938 DShK 1 x 7.62mm (.3 in) DT/DTM
28 x 122mm shells 2331 x DT rounds 300 x DShK rounds