Hobby Master HG3301 | T-55A Soviet Medium Tank # 383

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T-55A Soviet Medium Tank # 383

Scale 1:72/ Diecast model 

General Background:

After WWII the USSR began mass production of their T-54/55 tanks. It carried an
impressive 100mm main gun on a low silhouette with a turret designed for maximum
protection. It also has a very distinctive space between the first and second road wheels.
The T-55A version has anti-radiation capabilities plus a few minor improvements.
Production also took place in Czechoslovakia, Poland and China (model T-59) with
approximately 95,000 tanks of all variants being produced. The T-55 has been used in
over 40 countries and after almost 50 years many are still in use.

This rapid build up of new tanks started the USA to worry about a battle in Europe fighting
thousands of Soviet tanks just like this T-55A. This concern sparked a fierce tank
development race between the two countries and in the U.S. the development of the
Attack Helicopter became a priority. The T-55 was sold to over 40 countries and came in
numerous variants. All total there were approximately 95,000 tanks produced in all
variants making this the most produced tank series in history.


T-55A Specifications


Weight: 36.6 tons   (33203 kg)
Ground pressure: 12.66 lb/in sq.    (0.89 kg/cm sq.)

Length: 29.5 ft (9.0 m) with gun – 21.1 ft    (6.45 m) without gun
Width: 11.8 ft    (3.60 m)
Height: 7.6 ft    (2.32 m)

Model V-55 diesel, 520 hp (390 kW), 12cylinder, 38.88 liter water cooled
Power/weight ratio: 14 hp/tonne

Operational range: 248.5/310.7 mi   (400/500 km) – with drop tanks 372.8 mi  (600 km)
Maximum road speed: 31.06 mph   (50 km/h)
Maximum off-road speed: 21.75 mph   (35 km/h)
Average cross-country speed: 15.5 mph   (25 km/h)
Fording depth:
Normal – 4.6 ft   (1.4 m)
With snorkel – 18 ft   (5.5 m)

Armour: 6.69/7.99 in   (170/203 mm)
Gun: 3.94 in   (100 mm) rifled gun, D-10T2S
Auxiliary armament: .3 in   (7.62 mm) (7.62 X 54R) Machine Gun SGM-T/PKT
Mounted armament: .5 in   (12.7 mm) (12.7 X 108R) AA MG DShKM