Hobby Master HG3321 | T-55A MBT, Unkown Cuban Tank Unit, mid 1970's


T-55A MBT, Unkown Cuban Tank Unit, mid 1970's


Scale 1:72 / Diecast model 

General Background:

 As a replacement for the WWII era T-34 the T-55 was produced in the USSR from 1963 –
1981 and under license in Poland from 1964 – 1979 as well as in Czechoslovakia and in China
as the Type 59. During the “Cold War” period it was felt that there was a need for a new anti-radiation system for the T-55. A new lining and full chemical filtration system were added to the tanks and these became known as the T-55A. A T-55A is distinguishable because these modifications made it necessary to enlarge the Driver’s hatch and enlarge the combing over the Commander’s and Loader’s hatch.The new improvements brought about the removal of the bow machine gun. The coaxial machine gun was updated and room for 6 more main gun rounds (100mm) was made possible with the removal of the hull machine gun. Starting in 1970 a new turret fitting was adding to the T-55A to accommodate the new 12.7mm anti-aircraft heavy machine gun.

The Tank:

During the 1970s into the early 1990s Cuba had advisors and equipment including T-55s in
Angola to support the Angolan military as they tried to defeat the South African Military that
was protecting the South African Government and its policy of Apartheid. Rebels from Namibia were also in Angola to help fight against South Africa. Fidel Castro also sent Cuban troops and equipment to Ethiopia to help aid in Soviet supported war in Africa. This was all done while the Cuban Government itself was struggling to survive.


T-55A Specifications


Weight: 36.6 tons   (33203 kg)
Ground pressure: 12.66 lb/in sq.    (0.89 kg/cm sq.)

Length: 29.5 ft (9.0 m) with gun – 21.1 ft    (6.45 m) without gun
Width: 11.8 ft    (3.60 m)
Height: 7.6 ft    (2.32 m)

Model V-55 diesel, 520 hp (390 kW), 12cylinder, 38.88 liter water cooled
Power/weight ratio: 14 hp/tonne

Operational range: 248.5/310.7 mi   (400/500 km) – with drop tanks 372.8 mi  (600 km)
Maximum road speed: 31.06 mph   (50 km/h)
Maximum off-road speed: 21.75 mph   (35 km/h)
Average cross-country speed: 15.5 mph   (25 km/h)
Fording depth:
Normal – 4.6 ft   (1.4 m)
With snorkel – 18 ft   (5.5 m)

Armour: 6.69/7.99 in   (170/203 mm)
Gun: 3.94 in   (100 mm) rifled gun, D-10T2S
Auxiliary armament: .3 in   (7.62 mm) (7.62 X 54R) Machine Gun SGM-T/PKT
Mounted armament: .5 in   (12.7 mm) (12.7 X 108R) AA MG DShKM