Hobby Master HG3907 | German Cargo Truck 19th Panzer Division Kursk, USSR 1943


German Cargo Truck 19th Panzer Division Kursk, USSR 1943


Scale 1:72 / Diecast model 

General Background:


These 3-ton cargo trucks became the back bone of the German military transports. The military designation for these 3-ton trucks was Kfz. 305. Originally designed as a 4X2 rear-wheel drive but in 1940 a 4-wheel design was made available and it became very much appreciated by its crew for the cross country abilities. This variant of the 3-ton was used primarily for cargo transportation but could easily be adapted to handle troops.
These 3-ton trucks continued to be manufactured even when WWII was declared ended
and the S type became the most used truck for German commercial transport. From 1937 to 1944 approximately 82,000 of the Type “S” were built and another 14,000 with along wheel-base and 8,300 with a low-level base.

The Armor

On November 1, 1940 the 19th Panzer Division was formed from the 19th Infantry Division. Mid 1941 the 19th was transferred to the central portion of the Eastern Front where they remained until December 1942. At this time they were sent south and eventually became part of “Operation Citadel”. For what would become more commonly 

known as the “Battle of Kursk” it is said that the Germans had amassed 900,000 soldiers in the area, 10,000 artillery guns, 2,700 tanks and 2,000 aircraft. All these men, guns, tanks and aircraft needed fuel, ammunition, food and every other item needed to stage a long battle. The German 3-ton truck played a large part in transporting all of these things. Without the hundreds of trucks needed, the Germans wouldn’t have been able to
carry out this operation or any other.


Specifications for the base variant of the 2X4 rear-wheel drive 3-Ton Cargo Truck.

Engine - (6) cylinder, 3,626 L   (221 cu in), 68 hp (51 kW) @ 2,800 rpm
Gears - (5) forward, (1) reverse
Brakes - Hydraulic all wheels

Type of Fuel - gasoline
Capacity - 82 L (21.7 US gal)
On Road - 26 L/100 km (9.0 mpg)
Off Road - 35 L/100 km (6.7 mpg)
Speed on Road - 85 km/h   (52.8 mph)

Length – 6.10 m   (20.03 ft)
Width – 2.26 m   (7.43 ft)
Height – 2.85 m   (9.35 ft)
Wheel base – 3.600 m   (11.81 ft)

Weight - 5800 kg   (12,790 lb)
Usual Maximum Load – 4000 kg   (8,818 lb)