Hobby Master HG5308 | M41A3 Walker Bulldog Belgium Army

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M41A3 Walker Bulldog Belgium Army


Scale 1:72 / Diecast model

General Background:

As a replacement for the M24, production started in 1951 on the new M41 Walker Bulldog. By

1953 the M24’s had been completely replaced. The M41 saw limited action in Korea but was very
much in demand in Vietnam. In 1961 150 M41’s were delivered to the Japan Ground Self-
Defense Force. Through out 1965 214 M41A3’s replaced the M24’s used by 5 Army of the
Republic of Vietnam squadrons and were very effective against the ARVN T-54’s. In 1969 the
M41’s began to be replaced by the M551 Sheridan.

The Tank:

Development of a vehicle that would later become the M41 tank began in 1947 as the T37. In 

1948 three prototypes were tested with the second turret getting approval along with a 76mm
main gun. This new vehicle received the designation of T41. A simple range finder was added and in 1951 Cadillac began production of the now M41 “Little Bulldog” that was later renamed the Walker Bulldog in honor of General Walker who was killed in Korea. Belgium used 135 Walker Bulldogs between 1958 and 1974.

Specifications for the M41 Walker Bulldog

Manufacturer – Cadillac Motor Car Division oft  (8.15 m)
Width – 10.48 ft  (3.19 m)
Height to top of AAMG – 9.9 ft  (3.02 m)

Engine – Continental AOS-895-3 6-cylinder, 4-cycle, opposed, supercharged gasoline
Power. The fuel injected engines were designated AOS-895-5
Gross HP - 500@2,800 rpm
Gross Torque – 960 ft-lbs@2,400 rpm
Transmission – Allison CD-500-3, 2 gears forward, 1 reverse
Fuel Capacity – 140 gallon  (530 L)

Main Gun – 76 mm M32 with 65 rounds of which 11 are ready
In Turret – On flexible AA mount .50 cal M2HB MG 600 rounds
Coaxial with 76mm - .50 cal M2E1HB MG 2,175 rounds
Replaced later with a
.30 cal M1919A4E1 MG 4,900 rounds