Hobby Master HG5505 | M48A2 Patton medium tank Bundeswehr, PzBtl 24, Braunschweig 1962

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M48A2 Patton medium tank Bundeswehr, PzBtl 24,Braunschweig 1962


Scale 1:72 / Diecast model

General Background:


The M48 Patton is a medium tank and was the third and final tank to be officially named after
General George S. Patton. The first version used in Vietnam was the gasoline engined M48A2
but was soon out numbered by the diesel powered M48A3 which became the most numerous US
tank during the conflict. The M48A3s were conversions of earlier models so it wasn’t uncommon for many characteristics to vary from tank to tank. Some M48A3s had 3 support rollers while had 5 and the headlight assemblies could either be the early or later type.

The Tank:


In July 1960 Panzer Tank Battalion 24 / Regiment 6 was formed at Dedelstorf and equipped with
the M48A2 Patton medium tank that were immediately put into service as soon as they arrived from the U.S. Army. Any updates and/or modifications were carried out in the field. In 1962 they relocated to Braunschweig (Brunswick) (Roselies / Henry the Lion Barracks). In 1966 the new Leopard 1 MBT started to arrive by the Leopard II in 1981. The Panzer Tank Battalion 24 was decommissioned in December 2003.

Specifications for the M48A2 Patton tank

Manufacturers – ALCO Products Inc, Chrysler Corp.

Number Manufactured – 2,328

First Delivered – 1956

4 – Commander, Gunner, Loader and Driver

Power Plant
1 x Continental AVI-1790-8, 12 cylinder, 4 cycle 90° vee, gasoline fuel-injected engine
825 HP @ 2,800 rpm
Fuel Capacity – 335 US Gal  (1,270 L)

Maximum Road (Sustained) – 30 mph  (48 km/h)
Maximum Cruise Range – 160 miles  (260 km)

Combat – 105,000 lbs  (47,600 kg)

Without Gun – 270.5 ins  (687.1 cm)

With Gun - 341.8 ins   (868.1 cm)

Width Over Track – 143 ft  (363.2 cm)

Height To Top of Cupola Periscope – 121.6 ins  (308.9 cm)

1 x 90 mm M41 with 64 rounds (Main Gun)
1 x .50cal M2HB MG 1,360 rounds on Cupola on turret
1 x .30cal M73 MG 5,590 rounds Coaxial to Main G